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Michigan has always been the leader of the automotive industry, and continues to lead the way as transportation technologies further evolve in amazing ways. The entire state, and the auto industry, are transforming into the global center for mobility—

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Michigan's public/private partnerships—which includes over 300 R&D companies and the nation's highest concentration of engineers—are working to innovate and safeguard these smart systems.

Smart Corridor

Michigan is home to the largest deployment of Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) technology in the United States called the Smart Corridor.

Making an Impact
By 2040, 80 percent of the intersections in the United States will be V2I capable.

(Source: USDOT)

Connected vehicle technology could potentially address approximately 80 percent of the crash scenarios involving non-impaired drivers.

(Source: USDOT)

Michigan is home to the largest deployment of V2I technology in the United States.
By 2040, is estimated that 90 percent of light vehicles would be V2V-equipped in the same period.

(Source: USDOT)

Connected vehicles provide the means to potentially address about 81 percent of all-vehicle target crashes, 83 percent of all light-vehicle target crashes, and 72 percent of all heavy-truck target crashes, annually.

(Source: USDOT)

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